Bootcamp Check in and a Day in Red Hook

One week ago today I began Best Body Bootcamp. ¬†It might be time for a check-in ūüôā

Week 1 went about as I expected. Monday I was up and ready to rock the first workout. Tina’s workouts involve supersets: two workouts back to back with no rest in between. Until last Monday I had never done a¬†superset. I had heard of them (they are very popular on many of the fitness/healthy living blogs I read), but I never gave them a shot because… they sound hard. And they are. I found that I had to use 3-5 lbs lighter than i normally do because my muscles were completely exhausted by the second¬†exercise¬†of the superset. Supersets are a great challenge, but I doubt I will continue with this method post bootcamp because it involves a bit more pre-planning than I’m willing to¬†commit¬†to and to be honest, i prefer to just lift heavy.

Tuesday, I hit snooze a few too many times and had to complete the lower body workout at home to save time. This¬†compromised¬†the moves slightly because I only had one 8 lb¬†dumbbell¬†at home, but I knocked it out and I felt good about sticking to the program despite the initial laziness. I am a big believer in “anything is better than nothing” when it comes to fitness.

The rest of the week did not match up exactly with Tina’s plan, but the program’s aim is to increase overall fitness and Tina encourages you to continue taking your favorite group classes or train for races if that is what keeps you moving. I love that about this bootcamp, but I still struggled with a little guilt for not keeping up with the schedule because I slack a little when I get to decide what I’m doing. I skipped out on most of Tina’s recommended cardio, I made sure to move daily and even tried a new ballet/Pilates¬†class on Saturday. I will call week 1 a success with some room for improvement in my commitment level.

With that, I’d love to share the amazing day I had two weekends ago in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Red Hook is a short bike ride away from Brooklyn Heights and feels like the final¬†frontier¬†of hipness. I knew very little about Red Hook before this adventure other than famed Baked bakery was there. Guess where we headed first?

I tricked Ted into coming here by suggesting we stop for iced coffee. (Ted is a huge coffee fan, but does not share my obsession love for all baked goods.) I got a side-eye when we entered and this was the immediate view.

Everything, i mean EVERYTHING, at Baked looked amazing. You want a close up example you say?

Say hello to the¬†campfire¬†cookie. S’mores and a¬†monstrous¬†chocolate chip cookie fused into a giant, freshly baked hunk of heaven.
We planned to bike all day so eating everything in sight was not in the cards.

Ted opted for a mini peach pie. Solid choice.I was about to get their famed brownie when I¬†spotted a dense brownie/cookie¬†hybrid and was immediately sold. It was a pinterest dream come true!Caffeinated¬†and pumped full of sugar, we sped off and quickly spotted one of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen, which also happened to be one of the¬†biggest¬†and most impressive supermarkets I have ever experienced. This Fairway puts all other Fariway locations, all TJ’s and all Whole Foods to shame. Seriously.Maybe it was just because it was Saturday, but I have never seen such a well stocked selection of anything you could ever want in a supermarket. The produce was particularly impressive.Why was the building so cool? Check out the backside.The Fairway building is at the edge of Brooklyn surrounded by fabulous views.
We biked around the waterfront park and explored the piers, which had tons of old shipping¬†equipment that now looks like art. There is also an Ikea, but that’s only cool if you have a car and are not on your bike.Red Hook is full of interesting shops, restaurants and artwork.¬†Cacao Prieto is a new store located on Conover St. and happened to be giving delicious samples of rich, dark chocolate and a number of liquors, including a chocolate rum that I would love to use in a future desert.¬†The area is very hip, but still a little sleepy and laid back because it is slightly lacking in public transportation options like other hip areas of the city like Williamsburg and the East Village. ¬†You need a car, bike or must be willing to hop on the bus if you want to party in Red Hook. Despite the minor inconvenience, I highly recommend you head out for brunch and make a day of it.
Another great find: Brooklyn Crab. This restaurant has two bars, mini golf, a pool table, tons of picnic table seating great for groups and upstairs deck that was totally calling to us after our long bike ride. I wanted nothing more than a cold beer under the covered roof to lap up the gorgeous views.
Can you spot the Statute of Liberty below?Brooklyn Crab basically has any seafood you could ever want and lots of great beer to wash it down. (Note: I just learned that Brooklyn Crab will be having free shuttle service from Caroll Gardens. Amazing.)

I hadn’t had king crab legs in ages so narrowing down the extensive platter options was easy.We feasted and drank beer until late in the afternoon and it was honestly one of the best Saturdays of¬†the¬†summer.


I’m Going to Bootcamp!

I did it.

Today, on the very last day of registration, I signed up for Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.

I am very excited and a little terrified.

Let’s discuss excited, shall we?

I’ve heard so many amazing things about the first round of bootcamp and I trust in Tina’s amazing training skills because I have followed her blog for over a year and this woman knows how to move it. She also happens to be very inspiring. Tina’s blog follows her very beautiful, and very real, healthy life as a personal trainer, mother of two, former binge eater and fitness and health enthusiast. Swoon, no? I’m swooning ūüôā I’m definitely excited to become a apart of the community of people Tina is going lead on a butt kicking journey to better fitness.What was the kicker? I’m just coming out of a workout slump and I’m struggling with getting aggressive in the gym like I used to. Not having to plan workouts sounds ah-maaaz-ing. I regularly attend group fitness classes at my gym, but the recently revised schedule of morning classes leaves something to be desired. (WHERE IS MY TABATA????) I need to SWEAT in the morning and when I don’t have a class directing me to lunge and push and burpee and squat it can be a serious challenge not to wander around the weight room looking like a lost little lulu-lamb at 7am. Tina’s program provides¬†varied, challenging workouts that leave me free to get in and get moving. Bonus? It’ll have some new moves to bust out post bootcamp.

Final kicker? Someone on Facebook informed me that the internet community is missing pancakesandpilates. (Thanks bro :)) What better way to get back into the swing of things than by¬†chronicling¬†my new fitness journey? I’ve been eating a feast of delicious things over the past months and shared none of it with the blogosphere, so once I get going you can expect a lot more pancakes¬†delicious everything in addition to¬†pilates bootcamp.

Now, let’s talk terrified.

It will be hard. I know it will. I like to think I’m strong, motivated and hard-working, but ugh, it’s going to be personal trainer hard without the personal trainer there to yell at me. Can I do that? Yes, I can. But i was dragging my feet ever since round 2 of bootcamp was announced because it sounded like hard work. I need to stop screwing around and start making choices that will bring me the life I want. To get anywhere worth going hard work is mandatory so it’s time to get this started.

It will require commitment. I actually like that component very much, but my job hours are erratic and I feel like it prevents me from committing to anything. Well, I am sick of not making plans because I might have to cancel. I may not be ready to cough up $200 for a beach house weekend share (sorry Reb), ¬†but I am willing to invest $25 for eight weeks of awesome workouts. (YES! It’s $25. Go sign up!) If I miss some because I was working until 4am, so be it.

That’s it.

The excitement clearly trumped the terror and $25 later I am on my way to bootcamp.

Polar Plunge 2012

It’s unclear why this post was never posted on February 7th when it was originally created. I apologize for not sharing, because the¬†Super Bowl Splash (aka “Polar Bear Plunge”) of Long Beach is one of my favorite days of the year and the pictures are pretty great. It’s about the time I started to really get comfortable with my camera and I loved playing with the¬†aperture¬†of my camera and working with the beautiful early morning beach light.

The Plunge occurs every Super Bowl Sunday and participants raise money for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. 2012 was my third year jumping in the Atlantic Ocean with my brothers, their friends and, this year, Ted. We always carb load for the big plunge with amazing bagels (there is no bagel like a Long Island bagel) and pour back some liquid courage (aka adult iced coffee) to get the event started. 

P.S. Workout log is updated… I swear I didn’t take two months off from working out. I did, however, significantly cut back. My theory that posting my workouts would keep me accountable has proven true. I’m getting back on track (and blog) for my health and sanity. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things with my regular posts too ūüôā

Get Away: Great Barrington, MA

For someone who loves Brooklyn so much, you might be surprised to learn that I really LOVE leaving city life behind. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, as long as it’s out of the 5 boroughs. Why?

I love being in cars. (Taxi’s don’t count.)¬†There’s something great about flipping through the radio stations until that “oh-my-god-this-is-the-best-song!!!” moment strikes (non-Long Islanders do that too, right?) and not feeling constrained by a car full of cranky strangers so that I can belt out the lyrics in all my flat, tone-deaf glory.¬†Bonus: Having to pay attention to the road leaves little room in my mind to worry about senseless junk. It’s just the music, the road and the excitement of going somewhere… I love going somewhere.

I love fresh air. I never realize the city is so lacking in truly fresh air until i leave it. There is no such thing as SAD when I’m in the woods, the mountains, on farms, at beaches and in beautiful parks. Central Park is amazing, but it’s so crowded. Even Prospect Park fails to produce in my brain the surge of happy chemicals I experience in the great outdoors. ¬†It must be the air.

Say hello to Great Barrington, MA in the beautiful Berkshires. Small town, good food, nice people and exactly what Ted and I needed.

Babba Louie’s pizza was seriously an amazing introduction to town. We went with the classic pizza and added the best topping combo ever:¬†pepperoni¬†and olive.¬†

I’ve held back taking lots of pictures because my¬†hard drive¬†is full. I somehow managed to free up some space and finally ordered a new external¬†hard drive¬†so I let my photog flag fly. Ted is a very cooperative and photogenic subject and Great Barrington and the¬†surrounding¬†area provided some gorgeous backdrops so you know I had some fun. ¬†After a long day of driving, playing and eating in town we headed back to our home for the night, the Inn at Sweet Water Farm. It is currently rated the number one B&B on TripAdvisor¬†Great Barrington and it really lived up to its title.The Inn is a charming old house, conveniently located, chickens running around the yard, and houses a cookbook collection that is awe-inspiring¬†(a GREAT sight when the owner of said cookbooks will be making your breakfast). They also use¬†use fresh, organic and almost exclusively local food in the meals the prepare. Swoon.¬†

Upon return one of the innkeepers, Andrei, offered us delicious after dinner drinks and prepared a fire for us to relax beside. Ted caught up on some fiction reading and I curled up with a few old issues of Gourmet. Simple and perfect.
In the morning the house was bright and smelled amazing. I was so excited I creeped down the wooden staircase like it was Christmas morning. Lynda took our orders and pointed us to freshly baked currant scones and croissants that we happily nibbled on with coffee.

Knowing that the inn gets its eggs straight from the chickens running around its property I couldn’t pass up farm fresh eggs for breakfast. Lynda prepared a fluffy Monterey chevre and Green River ramps¬†omelet with a side of local bacon and thick buttery slices of¬†homemade toasted whole wheat bread. I didn’t want the meal to end. The omelet was so delicious with bright and tangy chevre cheese perfectly complemented by the earthy ramps. The bacon. Oh, bacon. I really love bacon. I kept telling myself that it came from all natural, pasture raised happy pigs so it’s probably good for me. But the toast… the toast really blew my mind. Why have I yet to make my own bread if it’s THIS much better than regular bread??? As you can tell I really enjoyed my breakfast.

Ted had perfect buttermilk pancakes. Truly. Please note the perfect crisp around the edges (god I love that in my pancakes). Imagine pouring the warm, pure Vermont maple syrup over the gorgeous stack, letting your fork plunge through the pillowy layers and after releasing the pocket of sweet, buttery cake into your mouth, topping off your taste buds with a hunk of luxurious and salty bacon. Bacon + maple syrup = heaven.

I know. I know. Not fair.

After stuffing ourselves and saying goodbye¬†to my chicken/rooster friends…

we headed out for a hike to Bash Bish Falls. 

Waterfalls are the perfect opportunity to practice some photography skills. If you use a slow shutter speed to capture an image of a moving object the object will be blurry. That fact is what gives you gorgeous waterfall photos. I’m pretty excited I was able to achieve the cotton candy effect I was aiming for.

On the way home we stopped by a great little bar & grille called Public House in Philmont, NY (click the Public House link to check out my Yelp review) and then hit a local country market to pick up that bacon Lynda served us at breakfast. BLTs are in the future for sure.

Toddlers and Tiaras

I discovered a show called Toddlers and Tiaras yesterday. I really wish I hadn’t. ¬†I watched a few too many YouTube clips only to come home and discover it was on TV. for¬†three¬†hours.¬†I am¬†embarrassed¬†to admit I was entranced for two because I don’t want to increase viewership for such disgusting programming, but¬†I couldn’t stop listening to the words of these abhorrent, selfish mothers as they twisted impressionable little girls into¬†narcissistic¬†brats and sad show ponies.

These moms said outrageous things to the camera and while I hope it was¬†hammed¬†up for “good TV,” deep down I know most of it probably wasn’t. I don’t think it was showy when one mom said, “I’m not going to say it’s like a dog show, but it’s like, ‘mine is prettier than yours'” with a slick smile. I think that was a direct glimpse into her proud and deranged mind. My heart sunk for her daughter and all the other contestants.

I was initially amazed at how much money these families drop on a hobby that gave so little in return. ¬†Entry fees, travel expenses, dresses, talent lessons, coaches, makeup and accessories: even if your child frequently¬†won¬†top place it is unlikely you would recoup the cost in prize money.¬† It didn’t take long to realize pageantry¬†had nothing to do with winning prizes; pageantry is a competition for the sake of winning and finding¬†self-worth¬†there from. I am not talking about the little girls, of course. For moms with a lot of money it’s a way to show off they have some to burn. For others it seemed obvious their self-worth came from the attention and compliments their daughters received, perhaps because¬†no one¬†ever told him how pretty they were.

The desire to be a pretty princess is one of the first things we learn as little girls. We don’t learn that we should want to be princesses because they have the power to do good in the world. We learn to covet their position because they are beautiful, virtuous and loved by all. What¬†little¬†girl¬†doesn’t want to be loved by all?

Little girls are so impressionable; they need help to¬†develop¬†a strong sense of self and good¬†self-esteem.¬†Pageantry¬†seems to do just the opposite because it ties a girl’s sense of self to her appearance (ever changing) and teaches her to draw her¬†self-esteem¬†from outside, rather than within (and so begins the quest for approval so many women struggle with). One day she will grow up. If her whole sense of self is based on how she looks, how will she deal with her body changing at puberty? How will she fair when she is no longer the prettiest girl in the room? Does she stand a chance at happiness when her youth has faded?

¬†If your little girl is beautiful (and what parent doesn’t think so?), make sure you tell her that and do it frequently. But also tell her that she is smart and funny, creative and a good person. Hug and kiss her until she¬†squirms¬†away. My mom did all those things when I was little and I still find myself in many instances where I could be a little lot gentler on myself. I am so thankful that even when I feel unhappy, unsure, or unpretty I know deep down that I am loved, I am worthy and I am a good person.

I hope those pageant girls find an interest or hobby that makes them smile, even when no one is looking.

10 Things and 10 Pictures

Happy 2012 everyone! Now that that’s out of the way…

You may have noticed I fell off the blogging wagon for a bit :/ It started with a few busy days, then I developed a strange anxiety about blogging after not having done so for [X] days, followed by a general winter malaise. Even though I wanted to want to blog, I just didn’t. I didn’t know what to share. When I did,¬†I couldn’t muster up the happy energy I usually have to form the words, upload the pictures, press the publish button. So, to get things going again, I will make this simple. 10 things going on lately; 10 pictures I’ve taken recently.

1. I joined a new gym and i absolutely love taking the classes there. I cycle through intense strength training periods, running and class addiction. It’s nice to have someone else in charge of my workout again ūüôā

2. My Dad and Stepmom had me, my 5 brothers and Ted over for Christmas dinner. It was the first time we had a holiday at their home and it was everything I could have wanted and more.

3. I had Ted’s family over to our apartment for Christmas brunch. I made an oatmeal bar so amazing angels wept. (Takeaway: Add dark chocolate chips to your steel cut oats. You. Are. Welcome.)

4. I spent Christmas Eve with all of my Mom’s family and it was the most fun I’ve had at any similar gathering to date. I had NO idea my cousins were so musically talented. (Stay tuned for a video clip!)

5. I ate Shake Shack for new years eve dinner… after eating Corner Bistro for lunch. I may have a cheeseburger problem. (I am not that concerned because of item 1.)

6. I got a DSLR camera for Christmas. I also received a sweet lens. I then proceeded to buy myself a disturbing amount of camera accessories. That, my friends, was a shopping binge. (I am slightly concerned because there are endless camera accessories to covet and I am a member of Amazon Prime.)

7. I am not good at photography, but I very much want to be good. Accordingly, my legal career suddenly seems inconvenient and the short winter days are my sworn enemy.

8. The short winter days were my enemy before I got the camera. Ted pointed out that I may suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Surprisingly, that never occurred to me before he mentioned it.

9. I am fighting SAD with the Philips goLITE each morning. I’ll let you know how it goes.

10. It’s good to be back. I hope you like my first photos.

1. Ted Sleeps 2. Ted Wakes 3. Happy Birthday; Happy Couple 4. Rebecca’s Lashes 5. Warm Coffee at City Bakery 6. Luke goes Color/Blind 7. 8. Mr. Highstein at Night 9. Bubble Snakes in Central Park 10. Goodnight 1-2-12.

Christmas Things

Christmastime is full of wonderful things.

Pretty things!

Like delicate leaves plated in gold.

Exciting things!

Like the Union Square Holiday Market.

Delicious things!

Like gingerbread men and women.

Beautiful things.

Like a giant tree in the middle of your new home.Glorious things.

Like the giant tree becoming a Christmas Tree.

Merry Christmastime ūüôā

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap: Love and Deliciousness

I had very good intentions of starting the week off with a killer lower body workout, but I woke up with a tummy ache (I blame sushi takeout) and rolled over to find work emails from my colleague in Belgium that needed immediate attention. Hellooooooo, Monday!

Since I still can’t find my camera cable chord and left my memory card reader at home, it’s a bit difficult to do a proper weekend recap. Nevertheless, I have a iphone photos and facebook finds I’d like to share with you because a ton of wonderful things happened the past couple of days.

It began with a 5 1/4 mile run to Prospect Park with Ted on beautiful Thanksgiving morning. My¬†workout log¬†makes painfully obvious¬†that I haven’t been running much since completing the amazing Rock and Roll 10K a couple of weeks ago. Thursday’s run wasn’t as hard as I imagined and it felt great. We fueled up for the big Turkey Day activities with cappuccino¬†and water. I always look bright red and ick after a long run, but Ted seems to pull off a number of good looks post run. Here, the dino.


Thanksgiving is my favorite meal and I left no corner of my plate unfilled. All the family favs were there (hi, there, candied¬†yams), as well as a new dish (mac and cheeeeeese)¬†courtesy¬†of my cousin Billy’s girlfriend. I took a really cute picture of me, my mom and her mom (a.k.a. Nana), but it’s still on my camera. In the meantime, please feel free to gawk at my dinner.20111128-091457.jpg

After Turkey Day, Ted and I celebrated Ted’s brother Aaron’s 21st birthday. Happy birthday Aaron!!! I drank like it was my 21st birthday. Oops.

Saturday our good friends Mr. John Pierpont and Miss Raquel Otheguy got married in Pelham, NY and it was seriously an amazing time. Raquel was stunning, John was beaming, the reception was beautiful, the food was delicious and I got to chat and dance with many law school friends I don’t see enough.

Later that night we headed back to the city for another joyous occasion: the engagement of my brother from another mother, Sean to the lovely Miss Aimee.

In the morning we managed to make it to Aaron’s birthday brunch with the whole Hawkins/Haussman clan. I must say, there is nothing like a weekend full of love and parties followed by mimosas with bagels with lox. I am a very lucky girl to have so much love and deliciousness in my life.

Yes, I should have cleaned more. Yes, I would have liked to work out more. Yes, I should have drank slightly less. But I don’t regret any of it.

Life is good.

Question of the Day: What was the best day of your long weekend? What made it so wonderful?

What I Ate Wednesday #2: Random

I missed last week’s WIAW and I was determined to make this week happen. What ensued was me chronically some of the most random (and bird like) eating I’ve done in a while.

Tuesday started out typical enough. I¬†chomped¬†down on a small handful of peanut butter m&ms before heading to the gym for an amazing lower body workout. (Must. throw. out. M’s.)

My upper body weight session rocked and I rewarded my body with a super ¬†healthy and delicious (and green!) smoothie. It looks a bit scary, but when I handed Ted his he drank it down and said it was “delicious” without any coaxing on my part. He had no idea it was blended cucumber, spinach, banana, yogurt, almond milk and Amazing Grass GREEN Superfood¬†and didn’t care when I told him afterwards. ¬†Oh yea, i added some honey too ūüėČ20111123-022705.jpg

My decorations are getting you in the holiday spirit, no?

Mid morning I ate a small pear. I may be addicted.

Lunch was small, but awesome. I enjoyed a whole wheat quesadilla stuffed with sauted mushrooms, black beans and manchego cheese. I nibbled on some romaine and steamed green beans. 1/3 of an avocado was added to the quesadilla for some healthy, filling fat.20111123-022751.jpg

Work got pretty crazy so i nibbled on cucumber slices and grape tomatoes to keep me going. (When I know work is going to be crazy I throw a bunch of small things in tupperware to bring to work. Very helpful.)

By 8 I had a chance to break for dinner but the¬†cafeteria¬†seriously had NOTHING I would consider eating that night, so I surveyed my random office snacks. Trader Joe’s flax seed crackers it was.20111123-022802.jpg

Just when I was about to polish off the sleeve I remembered I had avocado left and, well, wouldn’t topping the crackers be JUST like eating chips and guac at Rosa Mexicana?!?!? (I imagined a blood orange margarita by my phone.)20111123-022817.jpg

Sometimes when I’m under the gun at work my coffee chugging and running around leaves no room for hunger in my brain. I honestly don’t notice it until hours have passed since my typical meal time. Looking back at yesterday I ate a fraction of what I usually do and all day I had the feeling that I needing to sloooooow down. Not my¬†preferred¬†eating/working style, but¬†occasionally¬†its necessary and I do enjoy the fast pace sometimes. When I got home I made sure to unwind with a glass of vino and make piece with the day.¬†20111123-022846.jpg

And then it was bedtime ūüôā

Question of the Day: Do your eating¬†habits¬†change when you are super busy or under pressure? How do you make sure you eat something nutritious? (Alternatively, how can I stop eating pb m&m’s before I even wake up? Thanks.)

Friendsgiving 2011

You could probably guess this, but we are now in my favorite time of the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas time are full of fun, food, friends and family and I love it all. One of my favorite traditions is to attend the annual Thanksgiving potluck my friends Rebecca and Carly throw. It’s seriously impressive.

The potluck has wonderful memories for me because its one of the two times a year I got to see Rebecca while I was slaving away in law school (her birthday being the other). Now that I’m a working woman, it’s a little easier to get together, but there’s still nothing like the excitement (and food) of the annual friendsgiving party.

I was asked to make mac and cheese for the party and googled my heart out until I found something that made me say “mmmmmmmm.” You can find the recipe here, but be forewarned, it is labor intensive, makes a TON of mac and cheese and you WILL be dipping the unused bread crust to taste the cheese sauce. (Maybe you have more self-control than I?)I probably should have taken a before photo of the food because we ¬†destroyed it. My top picks were the the¬†corn bread¬†souffle and¬†sweet potato¬†casserole¬†(I LOVE that stuff).

I definitely contributed to the decimation.

There was eating, drinking and a ton of goofing around. It was really the perfect end to my week long vacation.

But let’s not close out this lovely memory without talking about desert. Erika makes an ice cream cake each year. Forget the carvel crunchies of your childhood. Forget that ridiculously expensive coldstone cake you drool over as you shell out close to 10 bucks for a cup-o-heaven. This is the real deal.

Tryptophan¬†coma got you down? Tiramisu¬†ice cream cake will wake you up! (Then gently woo you back to sleep because you can’t stop eating it.) Please note the smooth and perfectly coco powdered side and beautiful chocolate shaving on top. Artistry must be appreciated, people.

Cinnamon¬†cake, coffee ice cream, chocolate chips and butter cream frosting layers… I can’t remember all the¬†ingredients¬†because it was a¬†masterpiece of culinary creativity.¬†If you are in the NYC area and are looking for something special for your next party, shoot me an email and I will put you in touch with Erika so you can experience this goodness for yourself. Friends will be impressed, I can assure you.

Christina came out strong with a carrot cake that was moist, nutty and BEAUTIFUL to boot.

I sampled a few things. (Dustin KILLED it with the pumpkin bars!)

Unfortunately, I could not clean my plate. (Shocking.)

Rebecca, Carly and the friends did a killer job this year. Thanks so much everyone!

I’m trying to go heavy on the green consumption and sweat production this week so I’m in fighting shape for Thursday with my fam. Not that I really think of eating as¬†a sport, but this is the only time of year its acceptable to drown sweet potatoes in¬†marshmallows and I absolutely love that. I plan to enjoy it all ūüôā I hope you’re all enjoying whatever Thanksgiving traditions bring you lots of joy, staying happy and healthy throughout this time of year.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?